Broken Glass / Yellow Fingers Pt. III, “If You Shiver”: Enter the Aquarium

Change. We all go through it, some in more extreme ways than others. Let´s take the protagonist of a certain music video trilogy as an example: 

He starts out as a woman sick of her daily life, and decides to escape in a meteor to another planet. On her way out, she camouflages herself as a man, then lands in a world of faceless people, tries to adjust to the environment, and ends up joining a group of strange beings, that bring him to find a mask that will convert him into one of them. Haven’t we all been there?

It is here we would like to invite you to see what will be the last part of the Broken Glass / Yellow Fingers trilogy; the next phase of change, an end of sorts. Can we be certain that the wheels of change will ever stop, once they’ve been set in motion?

Our special FX department went quite far to answer this question: As part of the process we dunked the actors in a 400-liter tank of home-cooked slime, cast replicas of the main character’s face, hand and foot in silicone and wax, did stop-motion animations and had a 10-hour marathon session filming with the (very patient) band. All essential elements that make movie magic happen.

Though this is the last part of this trilogy of music-videos for The Megaphonic thrift, we’re not finished yet! Later this year we will release the entire film, comprised of all three parts in a new edited version featuring an all-new exclusive soundtrack by the band itself.

So keep your ears, eyes and minds peeled for when the slimy butterfly “Broken Glass / Yellow Fingers: THE MOVIE” emerges from its cocoon.If You Shiver (overload) is available at the Blank Blank Vimeo page

Photos by Ewa Kniaziak and Blank Blank.